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our u-week is just over.. i guess that's one of the longest and happiest breaks.. i was able to unwind from all the stress from school.. DUTY stress to be exact..

i don't know if i can do this anymore.. i feel so incapable and insecure right now.. i'm so frustrated about school.. somehow i wish i could've taken what i wanted.. a course related to computers since i guess that's where i'm good at.. with that kind of course i can visualize a future with more time for my family and a job that i enjoy doing..

i've heard from a friend who takes up I.T. that they're doing programming and photography.. totally what i was looking for.. but i guess i decided not to take that path.. i don't know why.. i want to be of service to people.. i want to help people.. that's why i took up nursing.. but now i guess i'm back to square one again.. LOST and with an unsure future..

i don't know if i still want this.. i guess i just have to go on and endure 2 more year and see where i go from there.. the future is unpredictable.. right now.. i can't visualize a future at all..

all i can is i'm really excited about Nursing Informatics this summer.. i just have to push through a few more weeks to get there..

i guess that's all.. ciao! till y next entry!^^

The little things I remember...

(This is supposed to be a dramatic entry but, what the heck)

The annoying noise of the ongoing construction - makes you appreciate noise more than silence.

The never ending playlist of various versions of Christmas songs playing in the dining room - it's a never ending holiday at home.

The beeping sound of the oven - someone's hungry or mom just wants to make our day with a sweet awesome snack.

The banging sound of the sliding door - a lot of people are going in and out of the house; company is better than being lonely.

The FULL refrigerator - you'll never have to worry for tomorrow.

The large flat screen TV in the living room with surround sound stereos - you'll never have to waste gas and money to go to the cinemas.

Books, CDs and DVDs lining the hall - you just can't believe how many encyclopedias and CSI DVDs are lined up there.

The cloud paintings above Mom and Dad's bed - it's always morning no matter what time of the day it is.

The spacious bathroom in the Master bedroom - is it me or is the room just becoming too small for us? =)

My VERY BLUE room - it's sad isn't it? (should be Careen's room.. haha..)

My sister's VERY SUNNY room next door - the perfect opposite of her.

The old Asus laptop I use every night when my sister lets me - she does not really own it, but she thinks she does. =) peace!

The soft thin blanket I use when I sleep -  i can leave it unfolded throughout the day without it looking like a complete mess.

My annoying little sister sleeping soundly beside me - ahh.. someone to cuddle with.

My other sister wanting a hug from me - everyone wants a hug from me.

My mom preparing baked fries - we understand it's just all gonna go down there.

My dad giving me the key to my car - K.O.!!!

The whole family gathered in the living room watching AVATAR - the wonders of pirated DVDs.^^

i miss HOME...^^


the war is over!

finally! microbio now only remains as a very distant memory from the past.. hell has now crawled back into its lair of doom where it rightfully belongs.. you can now turn the books (books?!) into beautiful little paper cranes or paper airplanes.. if not.. you can make them into new paper! REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE! for a clean and green (green?!) world!

don't mind me.. i'm still experiencing post-examination shock and depression symptoms.. as well as some after effects of caffein.. did you know that caffein makes my mind hyperactive 24 hours late? for example.. i drink caffeinated coffee today, i don't immediately become hyperactive.. the hyperactivity comes 24 hours after ingestion... whooh..

i'm just being random.. again, don't mind me..

nothing much to say really..

it's a rainy day.
rainy days make me depressed.
therefore, this day is depressing.

i've got nothing else to say..
this day is just depressing..

i hate rainy days..
you get all wet and sometimes dirty..
but somehow i also like it because it makes the weather cold..

so sad i was outside when it rained hard..
i got pretty wet.. ew..
not a good feeling especially when it's your shoes we're talking about..

this is not a poem, in case you're wondering..
i just felt like posting it this way..
trying out a new style..
i'm bored.


what an accomplishment!

i finally bought my dream planner! yey! i'm soooo happy!! >,<

finally.. somehow, i can straighten out my college life.. what's cool about this planner is that it's not just in plain black and white.. it's really made for the likes of us.. it's colorful.. full of fun quotes and stuff that makes it worthwhile to plan out and organize your college life..

actually.. we lost track of time while we (Careen and I) were filling out our planners.. we spent one hour in KFC doing just that.. whooh.. at least, i've got the whole week planned.. even updating this blog is part of my plan for the week.. hahah.. OC much? hell yeah! we have to be..

so.. i guess that's just about it.. just so happy with my planner.. the end. >.<

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